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What is the capacity of a room?

The maximum is 50 in-room participants. We can adjust the room capacity if you want to accept less participants.

Once a room is full, all additional users can still participate by watching from the lobby. Users in the lobby can see and hear what's happening in the room and interact via text chat; however, they are not represented as avatars in the room and their mic is not active. There is no hard limit on lobby capacity, however, performance may decrease once there are over one hundred people in the lobby.

If you want to scale for a larger event we recommend splitting crowds into multiple rooms with smaller groups, or live streaming the event, depending on the use case.

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Can I share a PowerPoint presentation in my 3D room?

Aptero is great for giving presentations. Supported media types are PDF files, images, 3D models, audio, video, webcam input, and screen sharing.

To use a PowerPoint in your 3D room, you can convert it to a PDF file and import it directly into your room, or you can use screen sharing to stream a view of your presentation into your room.

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